Blog Post #2: Plants, Pollen, and Photography

This past week, I spent a lot of time taking photos, both inside and outside of our class. One of the things I love most about living in Laramie is how you can drive 30 minutes in any direction and surround yourself in an entirely new landscape, which is perfect for taking photos.

For me, I loved this assignment. I have done a lot of photography and videography in the past, most of which was for marketing-related purposes. The challenge with this assignment was to step outside of my promotional and marketing mindset, and simply use different creative devices to capture different moments. Another challenge I faced was keeping myself from editing any of the photos. I typically will run my photos through Lightroom and Photoshop, so stopping myself from doing that was an important part of this assignment!

My first photo I took while hiking at Vedauwoo with my brother and his girlfriend. For this photo, I took a landscape photo and used the rule of thirds device to center the rock formations within the middle, leaving the sky above and the ground below. I also had the rock formation taking the right two-thirds of the photo. When viewing this photo, your attention is drawn to the middle, which is perfect for the rule of thirds used, as that is what I want my viewers to look at.

Afternoon Storm: Vedauwoo, WY

My second photo utilizes the leading lines creative device. This photo was taken during our class at the University of Wyoming William’s Conservatory, and is a close up shot of a cactus. You can see the ridges and valleys on the plant, and how they lead to the center and top where they all join.

Spiked Rows: William’s Conservatory

My next photo was a little more difficult to get given my camera, however the creative device still stands out well. This photo is looking up on a waterfall, and you can see the wet and slimy rock that the water is dripping down. This is my example of texture. While viewing this photo, you can imagine running your hand down the side and feeling the different bumps and water as it flows across the rock.

Meandering Drops: William’s Conservatory

My fourth photo is an example of natural cropping. For this photo, I normally would have taken it at a close angle, then processed it in Lightroom, cropping it down. However, for this assignment, I held my phone as close to the flower as I could while retaining focus. In this photo, you can see the center of the flower stick out, but what the rest of the plant is hidden. You cannot see what is behind the stem or pedal or what the rest of this plant actually looks like. You can also see how color is prominent in this photo, with the reds, yellows and background colors.

Growing Sunset: William’s Conservatory

My final photo uses a more simple creative device, color. This photo is of a red flower sprouting from it’s green leaves in the background. The red stands out a lot from the green, allowing you to easily differentiate the flower from its leaves. I took this while standing above the plant to get a top-down look to the photo.

Breaking Through: William’s Conservatory

Some of these photos I have taken have multiple creative devices. For my second photo with leading lines, you also see the color of the green cactus along with the white and tan needles. The color creative device stands out on nearly all my photos, but my final photo of the flower also has leading lines and texture, with the plants leaves behind the flower. My photo using the crop creative device also adds depth, as the background is not in focus, but you can see additional plants and objects behind the primary focal point.

Looking at my photos, one thing I noticed is that without editing, many of these photos still look great. My most common edits are cropping (straightening) and color, but with the photos of the different plants, the color already stands out very well. Overall, I am fairly pleased with how this assignment turned out, and it has allowed me to think harder about different creative devices I can use while taking future photos, to make them stand out and not feel like something you would typically see.

Blog Post #1: Using Creative Titles

Thinking of a title for this blog post was the most difficult thing I have done all week. I am still not sold on it. Hopefully by my second, third or tenth post I have a more thoughtful and inspiring title theme going.

Blogging is not something I have ever seen myself doing. After years of creating video content, uploading the occasional photo on Instagram and debating launching a podcast, I find myself blogging in a multimedia production course.

With my experience in marketing, as both Intern and Director of Marketing, I have developed a more advanced knowledge of some of the platforms we will be using in this course. Most of my experience comes from videography and web design projects. During my time as the ASUW Director of Marketing, I found myself creating a new video every week, improving my skills as time moved on.

There are a lot of different areas I would like to report on, with my primary interest focusing around the University of Wyoming and its public perception. I would like to learn more about how students found this university and why they selected it for their undergraduate or graduate education. Working with brands outside of class, I have always been interested in learning more about how people perceive a brand, especially after a major rebranding or controversy.

Another interest I have is in politics, especially as we move into the 2020 election cycle. It is interesting to see how politicians will brand themselves while creating a platform they hope that people will be interested in and make an investment in. During the 2016 election, candidate Bernie Sanders came to Laramie for a rally, and during the 2008 election cycle, then-senator Barack Obama also stopped in Laramie. These events would have been an exciting opportunity for live reports; however we are still fairly early in the election cycle.

I am looking forward to a great semester in this course with the opportunity to further improve my multimedia skills and knowledge. This class will be very beneficial to both my post-graduate studies or career.

Photo of Family
Family Photo